Hotel Collection Bedding

Hotels provide us with a home away from home when we are travelling.  And, the best ones keep us feeling pampered and well taken care of in every way. From the service we receive the moment we walk into the lobby to the delicious food we can order straight to our room or enjoy in a lavishly decorated restaurant, hotels know how to take care of their guests.  The bedding they choose is no exception, as it is guaranteed to be soft and extra comfortable to ensure even the pickiest of visitors is more than satisfied and well-rested during their stay.  Luckily you don’t have to sleep in a hotel to enjoy the benefits of such comfort; hotel collection bedding lets you do so at home.

What Is Hotel Collection Bedding?

This type of bedding is specifically manufactured to be high quality.  It is designed to be extremely snug, extra soft, and super comfy. Most options use exclusive materials and a high thread count to make sure of this. Bedding of this type also always looks elegant, just like you would expect it to if you were paying top dollar to stay in a 5 star hotel.

Why Do So Many People Love It?

-A Clean And High-End Look

Hotel collection bedding is perfect for anyone that is looking to portray a clean and high-end look in their home.  Simple yet luxurious can go a long way in adding a real touch of class to any bedroom space and one which will look fantastic for years to come.

Hotel Collection Bedding


-Unmatched Comfort

Because it is made to be much softer than your average bedding and uses better materials to do so, you will be given unmatched comfort.  No more stiff sheets or blankets, materials like Egyptian cotton will have you reveling in their silky smooth softness.

Hotel Collection Bedding


-Sleep Like You’re On Vacation Every Night

The best part is you won’t have to leave your house to enjoy the benefits of luxury bedding.  No expensive hotel rates or travelling necessary. You can wake up feeling just as refreshed and pampered as you did on your last vacation by going to sleep in hotel collection bedding every night.

Hotel Collection Bedding


Hotel Collection Bedding Uses The Best Materials 

High Thread Count

Upscale bedding requires the best materials.  This means you want a high thread count.  Many other types of bedding use around 200.  This means that there will be 200 fibers per square inch and will undoubtedly equal a rough and uncomfortable place to sleep. It also pretty much guarantees that the bedding will not last very long.  In contrast, pretty much all hotel bedding collection sets are 400 thread count and therefore will be much softer and last much longer than inferior options.

Egyptian Cotton

The best sets will use 100% Egyptian cotton that is 400 count.  Egyptian cotton is known as the “king of all cottons,” and for good reason.  It is produces longer and thinner fibers which allows for a higher thread count than other types of cotton.  This also makes it even softer, more breathable, and luxurious. Egyptian cotton is so durable that many sets can  last for decades.

Hotel Collection Bedding


Pima Cotton

Some sets also use 400 count Pima cotton.  Pima cotton which is usually cultivated in Peru, Australia, and parts of the south western United States is also considered superior to normal cotton.  This is due to the fact that it has long fibers just like Egyptian cotton.


Sateen is another cotton material that is commonly used in exclusive bedding.  It has the shine of satin, is durable, smooth and soft.  It too should have a high thread count.

Other Options

There are also many other options which are less expensive for someone who doesn’t want to pay as much but would still like the look of hotel bedding. 300 count 100% cotton, microfiber, and polyester make this possible.

Hotel Collection Bedding


Common Hotel Collection Bedding Colors

As hotel collection bedding really focuses on elegance and simplicity it usually uses colors that are not as bright as other styles of bedding do.  Mainly it is found in all white, white with stripes, or rich colors like beige, chocolate brown, bronze, and different shades of grey. Sometimes bolder colors are also used with this style such as purple bedding. All of these colors really work to emphasize the opulence that is synonymous with very high standards.

Hotel Collection Bedding


Hotel Collection Bedding Designs And Patterns

Not all bedding sets of this type have designs or patterns, but if they do, they too focus on being classy.  Many use stripes, and both thin and wide are popular.  Ribbed patterns work well as do prints with shapes like hexagons. The houndstooth pattern is a favorite as it always looks very extravagant with its two-toned jagged checks. Hotel collection frame bedding, which incorporates a large square framing the duvet and pillows like the one shown below, is also very sought after.  In fact hotel collection frame bedding is what most people associate this style with.

Hotel Collection Bedding


Hotel Collection Bedding Sets

Just like with most other bedding, you can purchase items individually or in sets.  Sets, make the most sense as they are made to match and also many times don’t cost much more than buying items by themselves. While most other themes such as floral or nautical bedding, have sets available in sizes for every age group not so much with this type.  There are a few hotel collection bedding crib sets available online for infants but there is not as much to choose from as with other styles.  Luckily, they can be used both boys and girls because the colors are unisex.  A basic hotel collection bedding crib set will have about four items and include a crib sheet, bumper, coverlet, and crib skirt.  If you are looking for more, there are larger sets like the one below which has nine pieces and even includes window valances and a diaper stacker.  Some have even more.  You can also buy accessories to match your set and make your nursery look even more luxurious.

Hotel Collection Bedding


Sets for adults range in size from twin up to California king and usually is available in three options. Sheet sets, duvet cover sets, and comforter sets.  Standard sheets sets will normally have two pillow cases, a fitted sheet and a flat sheet.  Sheet sets are the best option for hotel collection bedding because they ensure that everything matches which is obviously very important if you are going for a high-end look.  They also are ideal for using with duvet cover sets as they do not come with sheets.


Hotel Collection Bedding


Duvet cover sets will give you at least a duvet cover, two pillow cases and a some shams but there are much larger sets available too which have multiple shams, decorative pillows of various sizes, and a bed skirt. Actually a bed skirt is something to look for in a set because it can really add the finishing touch to your bedding.  If you don’t have a duvet and would prefer a comforter, a comforter set is a great idea.  This is because not only will you get a comforter, but a fitted sheet, flat sheet, at least two pillow cases, and a few shams.  It’s no wonder comforter sets like the one below are called a bed in a bag!

Hotel Collection Bedding


5 Essentials That Allow You To Get The Most From Your Hotel  Collection Bedding

A high quality duvet insert is a necessity if you are planning on purchasing a duvet cover set.  A fluffy duvet insert will make you feel like you are sleeping under a puffy cloud of warmth. The best are no too heavy, but will keep you snug all night.


Hotel Collection Bedding


A luxury hotel fleece blanket is perfect for placing under your comforter.  Actually these are one of the reasons why actual hotel bedding keeps you so snug.  Not only are they soft but you can also use them without a comforter as well whether on the sofa while watching  movie or on warmer nights.

Hotel Collection Bedding


An ultra soft microplush mattress pad will make you reconsider purchasing a new bed.  Add one of these and you will never want to get out of bed.  Such comfort makes this a perfect pairing for your hotel collection bedding.

Hotel Collection Bedding


A shredded memory foam pillow will guarantee you fantastic sleep especially when used with soft mattress pad. Shredded foam allows you to fluff up the pillow to however you want it and allows for more air circulation. If you choose one made from bamboo fabric it will also keep you cooler and prevent dust mites.

Hotel Collection Bedding

You’ll need some 400 thread count Egyptian cotton shams to complete the look of your bedding set.  Not only are these exceptionally good looking but really comfy too.  An accessory like these will keep the compliments coming.


Hotel Collection Bedding


A comfortable place to sleep can help to guarantee a refreshing night’s rest. Bedding which not only feels fantastic to sleep on but adds significantly to the look of your bedroom makes for an inviting place to do so. So why not treat yourself to the most lush and lavish that bedding has to offer each and every night by transforming your bedroom into the master suite of your own home with hotel collection bedding!

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