Floral Bedding

Man has always associated flowers with beauty and splendor.  Their good looks, gorgeous colors, and fragrant scents have been used throughout history to enhance virtually every type of space.  And whether used in paintings, at home, in the garden, or as a gift they are always a welcome sight to anyone’s eyes and heart. What better way to enjoy the attractiveness of flowers than with your bedding.

What is Floral Bedding?

Floral bedding also called floral print bedding, consists of a wide range of designs, colors, styles, and sizes that everyone can take pleasure in.  From roses to daisies and children to adults there are sets and individual pieces available for every space, preference, and age group.  Even better are the many advantages to using it.

The Top Benefits 

-Color, Color, Color

Using floral bedding is the simplest and often times the most inexpensive way to add color to a room.  Whether you are looking for a “pop” of color to improve a dull looking space or to match or accent the existing color scheme of your bedroom, using the endless designs and colors of floral bedding really can work wonders.  Because they are available in so many colors they make matching a cinch.

Floral Bedding


-Luxurious And Presentable

Unlike other types or themes of bedding, floral designs and motifs always are perceived as being both luxurious and presentable. This makes it the perfect choice for anyone who will be having guests or just loves the lavish look it portrays.

Floral Bedding


-It’s The Best Way To Enjoy The Beauty Of Flowers

Why not enjoy all of the benefits and beauty of flowers without any of the drawbacks?  No wilting, dying, or watering necessary to be able to wake up with, or come home to the cheerful gorgeousness of flowers every day!


Floral Bedding Sets Make Things Easy

Whether you are shopping for a newborn’s nursery or your own bedroom, there is plenty to choose from.  And while most sets for children and babies are designed for girls, when it comes to floral bedding sets for adults, there endless options that will make even the manliest of men proud to call it their own.  And, purchasing sets as opposed to items individually can usually save you a bunch of money. Sets of all types for children to adults usually will vary a little bit when it comes to what they include based on the brand.  Basic floral bedding sheet sets will include four items: a flat sheet, a fitted sheet, and two pillow cases.  For adults expect to find these available from twin to California king.


Floral Bedding

They are perfect for going with duvet cover sets which do not include sheets but will give  you a duvet cover, and a couple of shams.  Some larger sets will give you even more shams and decorative pillows  Another choice would be a comforter set.  These are often called a “bed in a bag,” because they basically give you everything you need.  A comforter, flat sheet, fitted sheet, shams, and pillow cases, would be standard.  Quilt sets are another widely popular choice for floral bedding. In a basic set of this type you would get a quilt and at least two shams.

Floral Bedding

Kids Floral Bedding

Floral designs are always an easy “go to” option for young girls. It’s usually fairly simple to find one they like and that also matches the décor and colors of their room.  There are also many Disney and cartoon themed sets that incorporate floral designs which kids absolutely adore, such as the “Frozen,” set shown below.  You can expect to find sets  like these  from twin all the way to queen size.  The majority of kids floral bedding will be comforter sets as they come with sheets and are because comforters are usually machine washable.

Floral Bedding


Teen Floral Bedding

Teens can also get in on the beauty of floral bedding with the many patterns and designs available on the market today.  Some are made specifically made for teens with colors that are not as bright as the ones used with many children’s options and styles such as retro or modern. Sets for teens like those for kids normally are from twin to queen in size and are mainly comforter sets.

Floral Bedding


Floral Crib Bedding

Also advertised as floral baby bedding or floral nursery bedding, these are the perfect way to ensure your baby’s room is decorated in an adorable and functional way.  They make excellent gifts for new moms and dads and of course babies will love them too.  In fact many young children enjoy smiling and endlessly pondering the floral designs around them.  There are many patterns to choose from whether you are in need of something bright and bold, one that is more subdued, or even a pattern that seems a little more grown up. Like other crib sets basic ones will usually start at 3-4 pieces and include such items as a fitted crib sheet, dust ruffle,bumper,and  coverlet to larger sets of 8 or 9 pieces that will also have convenient items like matching toy bags, diaper stackers, valances, and pillow packs.

Floral Bedding


Different Styles

There are actually quite a few different styles of floral bedding available which makes choosing the one that meets your own personal preferences even easier.

Vintage Floral Bedding

Most of the options available are in this category.  Intertwining flowers, stems, buds, and leaves on blue, white, and pink backgrounds make up the majority of what you will see.

Floral Bedding


Antique Floral Bedding

Not as commonly seen as the other styles, antique floral bedding is exemplified by finely embroidered floral patterns.

Floral Bedding


Retro Floral Bedding

Another take on floral designs are the retro inspired ones which incorporate typical retro colors and even paisley style flowers.

Floral Bedding

Modern Floral Bedding

Simple designs make modern floral bedding a nice alternative to the flower theme, and one which many times can add that perfect pop of color.

Floral Bedding


So Many Color Options To Choose From

As with all bedding, the color you choose is key, and luckily floral bedding is available in a ton of them.  Here are some of the best looking:

Pink Floral Bedding

Of all the colors available, pink is the most popular.  It’s not only a natural flower color but one which is synonymous with love, happiness, and femininity.  It easily matches most décor  and of course it looks great too.  Using pink bedding, especially with a floral motif is a simple trick to bring new life into a neutral or blandly colored room.  Many designs feature pink roses as they are one of the most commonly seen pink flowers. Pink floral bedding can be any shade of pink from pale to bright and some even use multiple shades in the same design. Colors such as white or light blue make an excellent background color for pink to stand out against and really shine.

Floral Bedding


Blue Floral Bedding

Most blue floral bedding uses a light or pale blue.  This makes for one of the easiest colors to match of all.  It goes exceptionally well with nearly everything.  Many people love its look when combined with white, pink or yellow, but because its easy to match it’s really up to you!  Blue floral bedding is often an easy compromise for husbands to deal with as opposed to other more feminine colors.

Floral Bedding


Purple Floral Bedding

Purple is another color that looks really good with floral designs.  Purple bedding is a great choice for using with motifs or decor that is black or grey.  If you prefer light purple floral bedding look to match it with a light or pale blue while for darker more reddish purples, dark blue works well.  Pink also works if your bedding is more of a fuchsia purple.  Another trick is to use it with its color opposite, yellow, as the contrast between them can be very attractive.

Floral Bedding


Black Floral Bedding

Black is always a sophisticated option and can look really upscale especially when used in bedding.  It is the perfect partner for  colors like gold, silver, turquoise, pink, purple, and of course contrasting white.


Floral Bedding


White Floral Bedding

White works so well with floral designs that it is at least somewhat incorporated into the vast majority of them.  White floral bedding sets can provide you with that clean and classic look which is always inviting.  It can be combined with almost every color and is excellent for creating or helping to maintain a sense of brightness and also be used in a wide variety of styles such as with shabby chic bedding.

Floral Bedding


Black And White Floral Bedding

The opposites of each other, there is perhaps no contrast like that of black and white.  And this can equal some stunning looking designs. Whether you choose black on white or white on black either way you are guaranteed to add a luxurious and bold classic feel to your bedroom.

Floral Bedding


Red Floral Bedding

Like pink, red is a natural choice for floral bedding as it is one we normally associate with flowers.  It is a powerful color which looks best when used not only with other shades of red but black, grey, white, yellow, blue and of course green.  Red with floral designs especially if it contains green can also make for very attractive Christmas bedding.

Floral Bedding


Grey Floral Bedding

Always elegant yet still neutral, grey floral bedding is an easy option for almost any bedroom color scheme whether bright or subdued. Floral designs or patterns which are white, black, teal, or pink will look best on a grey background.

Floral Bedding


Yellow Floral Bedding

If you are looking for bright floral bedding which can add openess to your space, yellow might be your best bet.  While it is harder to match than other colors,it looks phenomenal when used with blue, green, black, or white.

Floral Bedding

Regardless of what your color or style preference, with so much diversity it’s easy to find floral bedding which can make any space look amazing. So take your time, look at all your options,decide on one which works well with the colors of your room, and you will be enjoying all the beauty and splendor which only flowers can bring, in no time!

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